Albanian Mothers of Courage, Launch Event June 6 2015




Our other speakers

  • Breaking the stigmata of mental illness and Autism, by Dr. Shpresa Xhakli


 Autism Association helps mothers and family to break isolation. 


  • Women as the foundation of family success, by Valbin's CEO Valbona Qerimi.


       How a woman can shape the succes of an all familly ? 

  • Letter to the Mother poeme of Sergei Esenin

In the role of Sergei Esenin - Xhevat Limani

Accompamied by


The piece " The Swan" by french composer Saint - Saens

Cello  - Gjilberta  Lucaj



  • Mothers of Courage  by Klara Buda 

                     Five women of diverse backgrounds who succeed in difficult social and economic situations of immigration, the Totalitarian Regime in Albania and the Kosovo War.  

  •  The importance of College Girl Education


“You educate a boy, you are sure to make him a valuable person, you educate a girl, and you educate an all family!”


Come to honor Albanians Mothers and tell your mother's story!


How do you remember your mother's struggle when you were a child? 


How your mother's struggle to survive influenced your motivation to succeed in your own life? 


You, man or woman, all you who will be present as participant, you can bring your mother's story to be chosen for the documentary.


You have a special story! We want to hear from you. 


Please fill up the form Your Story

Do not miss our launch event!

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