Unknown Masterpiece

Unknown Masterpieces of Literature


Literary quality is the only criterion for selection of unpublished works.


Authors priority list will be set by the Board to be published in the collection Unknown Masterpieces of Literature.




Les authors planed for Unknown Masterpiece Collection

  1. Mitrush Kuteli ( Mon Village Sait Boire Le Raki, published)
  2. Kazem Trebeshina ( La foret, published)
  3. Lahuta e Malsise ( selected parts to publish)
  4. Faik Konica, ( selected parts to publish)
  5. Ernest Koliqi, ( selected parts to publish)
  6. Lazer Radi, ( selected parts to publish)
  7. M. Araniti, ( selected parts to publish)

The extraordinary Found for the Publication of Fundamental Albanian works of literature in prose and poetry in French and English is now open at Paris.


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